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A simple gift from my husband birthed my love for lotion bars and raw coconut oil which quickly grew into something way more than I could have ever imagined. 

I became addicted to the luxurious and supple feeling of my skin and began purchasing raw butters to create my own lotion bars to share with my family and friends. I quickly started to see the natural benefits from the use of raw butters and oils.  It suddenly appeared to me that God had given us everything we needed for healing and that I should really take the time to research the ingredients in some of my commonly used bath and body products.  Needless to say, I was completely shocked to find that majority of them were laced with harsh chemicals and synthetic additives.  

Even the few products I found that contained some of the natural butters I had come to love, only contained a very small amount of them.  The ingredients I loved were never listed first on the labels and there were so many other ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce.  It made me question why so many unnecessary ingredients where being added to butters that already naturally contained healthy vitamins and minerals.  Since I couldn't make sense of it, I started making my own items as a hobby to gift to family and friends.  Before I knew it, I had a growing list of product requests. Most of which were requests from my mom during the time that she was taking chemo and radiation treatments.  The treatments did a number on her skin and she was always looking for something that would be soothing and provide natural healing.  I was happy to do the research and to provide something that I thought would help her during her time of need and just like that our product line started to form.

One day, I had the realization that everything we actually needed was already provided to us and I simply wanted to be able to share nature's natural goodness.  For this reason, all of our products made are with wholesome ingredients and are 100% artisan crafted with your skin in mind.  We pride our selves on using raw, natural, and plant based ingredients to relaxation  and  detoxification while nourishing your skin.